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Relationship between form, content, and subject matter

In the visual communication aspect of Art, a form is what we see – materials, color, shape, line, and design (Frank, 52). After we see the work, our perception comes to act in a certain way so that we make a meaning of the work of the art that the artist wants to communicate to us which is called content (Frank, 52). We practice form and content everyday in our lives (Frank, 53). Even though, the subject matter would be same; for instance two artists trying to portrait happiness, they may come up with different form and content in their individual works of Art.

Giacometti’s sculpture “Man Pointing” has an open form that interacts with environment and the outer space. The materials from which it is made, makes us think of it in the process of erosion and seems like its existence, as a human being is soon going to vanish. Its purpose is going to end. Though, it has sense of temporary presence, it seem to point at other human existence and try to convey his message or say, make other people aware of his/her existence that most of us have forgotten.

For myself, the form of this sculpture made me think about its content as if human existence is in jeopardy. It’s content to me is scary. It's color makes me think of its unidentified existence in this world. The eroded head to almost half makes me think that is has no aims in life and don’t want anything from it either. It's slender and almost equal to zero presence of its body makes me sad and makes me feel that things were not easy with this individual and it’s trying to portrait things are not right with individuals like him. He is trying to point at us, warning us that we might be in this situation as well. So, I was scared as if he was pointing at me. The subject matter for this piece of Art is the fleeting essence of human life (Frank, 26).

Looking at the sculptures by Moore, the form I developed are sad color, closed form, old cracked wood piece intelligently cut, characteristics of a women etc. The content that I developed with the color is that it is antique and unique.  It is hardly interacting with the environment and is composed and calm within itself. She is not trying to expose her, but just trying to keep her identity to her own self and don’t want to be bother as well as be bothered by others. The hands are closed and I feel like she can’t do anything which is very sad to me. Her legs are resting and seems like she can’t make use of it as well. She is helpless and can’t move by her own. When we look at her face, it is hardly visible which makes me think of her identity that is being questioned and most likely lost. This is a representational art of a very sad women in our world who are helpless and it reminds me of their pain and sorrow.

I chose the painting of David Hockney "A Bigger Splash" which is at the page 101 of our text book and is the cover of our text book as well. I can see combination of lines, shape, space in three dimension, two point linear perspective, implied motion, attractive colors etc.

It uses the primary means of visual communication very smartly. The two lines filled with different color (light) in between the implied house and the pool is good way to paint this painting. The splash at the pool also uses this means of visual communication. Lines are also used at the window, chair and almost every part of the painting.

Large portion of this painting uses geometric shapes such as square, rectangle, cube etc. The painter tries to communicate with the viewer more informally with the use of shapes that tends to more successfully communicate relaxed mood that the painting is trying to convey.
 Space in three dimension that is used in this painting could be used by an architect to actually make this art in to real object for us to live.

I can sense the two point linear perspective in this picture as well. The yellow board, the right corner of the house convinces me of the use of this visual element by the painter.

I can also sense the implied motion with painting of splash in the pool.

The use of colors as visual element is simply mind blowing. Blue is considered to be a color that is calm (Frank, 42) and it is used to represent the pool with dark blue. Since, the sky is distant, it is represented with light blue color. The painter has used very pleasing and relaxing colors that are light to our eyes, giving no sense of fear or anything like that. Hence, the color used gives the viewers of an impression of relaxation, beauty and a reminder of vacation.

Basically, this painting is a representational art and it's subject is related to positives that our life has to offer. I like the fact that this painting encourages an individual to enjoy life and be thankful!

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