Friday, July 1, 2011

Realism and Idealism

In today's world, one of the examples of the artwork that utilizes idealism can be the painting of Michelle Blade: Cast & Cascade and Jose Lerma: The Lightweight.

It uses materials like Durta-lar, lace, wood, paper, wooden selves, etc, that has a mystical presence and absence of a different form of arts. The painting would mean different for different individuals and their meaning can vary in great range. For myself, the meaning of this painting is the women and her characteristics of shyness, calmness, and purity that can only be framed in a wooden frame, these days. 

Jill Harrison Nichol’s paintings of the sea and shore present the love of the sea and the environment you get when you are actually enjoying the sand and the seawater.

The classical Greeks basically focused more on individuals and the ideals an individual should portrait in society. They focused on the achievement of individuals and what they can do for the community. Their main focus was human beings as the superior of all the being and nature as well, and, focused on its characteristics to create many sculptures and other forms of arts (Frank, 227). But, today's idealistic art doesn't seem to be constrained only to this aspect of idealism as far as my understanding.

Romans were practical, less idealistic than the Greeks (Frank, 232). They had people from different cultures living together and it was more practical and beneficial for the Romans to be realistic rather than idealistic, which would develop their community (Frank, 232). They encouraged an even higher degree of individuality than Greeks which helped them develop as a nation with many contributing individuals. They contributed a lot to civil engineering, town planning, and architecture (Frank, 233).

The oil on canvas painting of Marina by Igor Babailov is of an individual innocent girl whose smile is like of my little cousin - reminds me of her.

If it is only the ideology perspective of what I would prefer to follow then I would say, I prefer realism over idealism. It may be because I see the objective reality more than idealism. It is my individual way of taking things. But, saying that, I would also like to follow the idealism for the innovation aspect of the concept. I think there must be a third term that I don't have a knowledge that would integrate both the concepts into one.

Frank, Patrick. Prebles' Artforms. Tenth ed. Upper Saddle River: Prentice-Hall, 2011. Web. 4 June 2011

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