Sunday, July 17, 2011

Discussion 8

I can see the colors - Blue, Orange, Red in the work of Art, Blue, Orange, Red by Mark Rothko and it just wants us to see the form as color and enjoy it rather than concentrate on the subject of this piece of Art.
But, if subject matter is what is being depicted in this work of art then I can think of its subject matter broadly in many ways. I can sense the subject matter in this painting as a earth, moon and sun in this infinite universe. The universe is as diverse as the background color of red that represents infinity to me. The earth and moon are alike except the fact that their size differ in proportion with each other which is represented by the same blue color that matches the atmosphere of earth and moon. Life on moon is very interesting subject to me as there are traces of water on the moon that the scientists have studied over the past years. Moon may be the destination for humans if we sense the end of the earth in many years of life on earth. Similarly, Sun represented by the little orange rectangular color at the bottom is giving light to moon and the earth. The form of geometrical shapes with colors combinations help me to figure out the content and eventually the subject matter so diverse to depict the functioning of our solar system.

Similarly, if I have to extract the subject matter out of Jackson Pollock’s Autumn Rhythm then I would say -  I saw many dots that are inter-connected which makes me think of the subject matter of this piece of Art as our world that has now been interconnected with the innovation of technology that makes us possible to connect from one part of our world to the other. This led the diversity of our world as there are dots and dots following other dots in many colors as black, white, brown, blue and many other colors of skin which is so beautiful in its own way. This diversity in culture of many colors in our society is always beneficial. We can learn for each other and gain knowledge of many different cultures and stay together happy. 


Unknown said...

That is an excellent interpretation. It appears that many painters of historic times did not give non-representational aspects of their works. I am an academic in art and history with many years in academia. Sometimes I believe the concept of idealism in contemporary works necessitated the collapse of non-representational aspects (name, author, year and the title) in paintings. This is partly because idealism advocated for innovation, imagination and more creative analysis of objects, structures and forms. Therefore the need to eliminate titles and headings of artistic works.

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Anonymous said...

The first abstract arts like Pollock's "Autumn Rhythm" have been appeared to show the artistic freedom in personal expression. It presents a new era where artists get out from the strict realism and show something new, unseen before. That is the key why some of the arts are better than others and why this Pollock's abstract painting is worth. First, it shows freedom in personal expression and not all of those dots that presents connecting from one part of the world to the other. I think that we should stop try figuring out what the artist wanted to show us through its art and start telling what art means to us and what feelings we got while looking at it.