Saturday, June 4, 2011

What is Art? What is the purpose of Visual Arts?

Creativity and imagination is the main source of an Art and anything that has these factors can be considered as an Art. It is an individual who decides if it's as Art or not and not anyone else as far as I understood about Art after reading and researching about it.

Kant defines art as a kind of representation that is purposive in itself and, though without an end, nevertheless promotes the cultivation of the mental powers for sociable communication.” (Adajian, Thomas)
I like this definition of Art because of its focus on an individual's ability to think and communicate with the society.

"A work of art is the visual expression of an idea or experience, formed with skill, through the use of a medium " (Frank, Patrick)

"Art is created when an artist creates a beautiful object, or produces a stimulating experience that is considered by his audience to have artistic merit." (Art Definition, Meaning: How to Define "Fine Arts)

After reading and gaining some knowledge about Art, I'm more confused about its definition for myself. I think Art can be different for different individuals. Since, I'm more interested in technology, Art for me would be how creatively an individual, an organization or even a nation organizes things around that has some purpose and I get to use it or appreciate it. An organization such as Google is art for me with the enormous amount of application they bring in to market which has value and are very creative. An individual who modifies his/her car which catches my eyes is Art for me. A nation that organizes its infrastructure and the system that motivates me to work hard for my goals is Art for me.
Everything I experience may be an Art for me - the shoes that I wear, the car that I drive & the house that I live in. I think everything that a human mind can create and perceive is all - one or the other forms of Art.

Visual Arts

One of the forms of Art, so called the Visual Arts is more likely useful in communication, in my opinion. For instance, if I want to share my achievements with other people then I might visually put it in the forms of paintings, photograph, dwelling or poster and wish other people understand it. Hence, visual Arts would help us communicate an individual's purpose with the other beings.

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